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  • 06-18-15   Flood Update Liberty County
      The Liberty County Office of Emergency Management has received a few calls regarding the anticipated effects of yesterdays 5 inch rain over Liberty County, and the anticipated effects of this mornings heavy rain over areas north of Lake Livingston, mainly the Riverside area. The local rain here yesterday took the Trinity River back up to 29.7 in Liberty. This is not the highest we have seen during this event , we actually got to 29.98 back on June 1st. Moss Bluff is currently at 14.68 and has been as high as 15.15 feet during this event, so all in all we remain flooded of course,but the rains did not take us any higher than where we have already been. We have been above flood stage since May 14th in Liberty.
  • 06-17-15   Wanted Suspect Arrested in Liberty County Rape Case of May 16, 2015
      In a very intense and persistent criminal sexual assault investigation that occurred a month ago to the day, Liberty County Sheriff’s Investigators, members of the agencies Special Response Team, Texas Rangers, Pct. 3 Constable’s office and the District Attorney’s Office led by Sheriff Bobby Rader arrested MIKLE BERNARD EDWARDS, D.O.B. 3-1-58, a convicted felon, on three felony warrants at Edwards home in the 13000 Blk. of Hwy. 787 in north Liberty County at approximately 6:pm yesterday evening. Edwards offered no resistance according to lead Investigator Sgt. Josh Cummins who has worked tirelessly on this case since it occurred. Edwards lived within three (3) miles of the location in which the sexual assault took place.
  • 06-17-15   Please let folks know that Liberty County HAS been added to the FEMA Individual Declaration.
      Please let folks know that Liberty County HAS been added to the FEMA Individual Declaration. Residents suffering damage as a result of the flood who have not already done so, should register with FEMA right away by calling 1-800-621-3362 or going on-line at
  • 06-15-15   No Sheriff Sale of Tax Property for the month on July.
      No Sheriff Sale of Tax Property for the month on July.
  • 06-06-15   Two Missing on San Jacinto River Found
      A swim party on the east fork of the San Jacinto River almost turned deadly for two young women who were on inner tubes in the river and got caught up in the current and swept down stream as their boy friend’s looked on but were unable to help them. A call to the Liberty County Sheriff’s “911” dispatcher at 3:17 pm this evening put in motion a massive effort by several agencies to locate Tessa Colleen Ayers, age 20 of the Cleveland area and Summer Sheets, age 17 of Splendora on the river. The pair had gotten into the San Jacinto River just off CR 370 which is near the north Liberty County line where, at that point, the river is only about 4 feet deep according to reports on the scene. However, it appears the two young ladies were unable to get to shore before they were taken further down -stream by the waters current. Fortunately the San Jacinto River at this section is not at flood stage as it was earlier on the lower end of the San Jacinto River or the flooded and very swift flowing Trinity River.
  • 06-04-15   Missing Person- Liberty County
      At approximately 7:53 pm on the evening of Monday, May 25th the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office received a “fire call” at #124 CR 1335B in the Moss Bluff area of Liberty County. The mobile home at that location was a total loss and shortly after the fire it was reported that Clinton William Miller, who lived in that mobile home, had not been seen by friends and relatives since the day prior to the fire on May 24th. Since that time no one has had contact with Miller and his whereabouts are unknown at this time.
  • 06-01-15   Trinity River Update
      June 1 5 pm Current release from the Lake Livingston Dam has been DECREASED to 68,200 cfs. Trinity River levels: Romayor 37.6 Liberty 29.93 Moss Bluff 14.2
  • 06-01-15   Update From The Liberty County Office of Emergency Management
      June 1 10 am : The current release from the Lake Livingston Dam REMAINS at 72,600 and the lake level continues to slowly fall, now at approx. 132.03 or about a foot over normal pool level. Current Trinity River levels: Romayor 37.7 and stable Liberty 29.94 and stable Moss Bluff 14.8 and stable
  • 05-31-15   Rescue Cattle Drive in Liberty County
      What looked like a scene taken from an 1800’s era Texas Cattle Drive actually took place in Liberty County today in an effort to save approximately 500 cattle stranded on an “island” just west of the ever rising flood waters of the Trinity River. Land owner Mr. Pat Henscey of the “Liberty Bell Ranch”, located off Hwy. 90 between the City of Dayton and the City of Liberty, mounted his resources of cowboys, air boat owners and many volunteers in a concerned effort to save his cattle from the flood waters. During the past week of heavy rains both locally and to the north of Liberty County, the Trinity River continues to rise and in doing so, trapped the cattle on a high piece of land that was shrinking in size due to the rising water. It became evident to the owner that he would have to mount a rescue attempt for his cattle in order to save any of them.
  • 05-31-15   Shooting, Liberty County
      A Cleveland area resident, Guy Robert Woods in his early 30’s was shot in the left side of his stomach by an unknown subject while Mr. Woods was traveling up the flooded Trinity River in his boat from the Hwy. 105 bridge in mid-Liberty County at approximately 3:15 pm this evening. Liberty County Deputy Sheriff Darrell Werner reported that Mr. Woods and two friends had been boating on the Trinity River and after a trip down the river he let his two friends off under the Hwy. 105 bridge while he continued on up river alone.
  • 05-28-15   Latest update from LCOEM regarding flooding conditions on Trinity River, Liberty County
      Please find attached the latest update from Liberty County Emergency Management Coordinator Mr. Tom Branch regarding the flooding conditions of the Trinity River. For more detailed and accurate information, I would suggest you call Coordinator Branch at his listed number below.
  • 05-19-15   Sexual Assault
      An apparent “scam” internet business resulted in the sexual assault of a 19 year old north Liberty County woman in the early evening hours of Saturday, May 16th. At approximately 10:pm, the Sheriff’s Office was called by the parents of the victim who had initially gone to the Cleveland Police Department to report this offense. Deputy Stephanie Walden interviewed the victim who bore scratch marks and bruises and was very distraught over her terrible ordeal of which she described as being raped by two unknown men at an unconfirmed location off FM 787.
  • 05-05-15   Assault on Public Servants
      It was approximately 12:05 pm today that concerned citizens called the Liberty County Sheriff’s dispatcher and reported that a man was jumping in front of moving cars on CR 174 in the Ames, Texas area and it was feared either he would be killed or a driver would wreck trying to avoid hitting him. Deputy James McQueen Jr. received the initial call and Sgt. Tommy Koen backed him up. When the Deputies arrived and attempted to get Henry Carl Williams, DOB 6-15-74 out of the road, Williams became very combative and began to resist the Deputies efforts to get him out of danger and to safety. Williams began striking the Deputies and struggling to escape. In an effort to bring Williams under control without injury, he was tased but the taser had no effect on Williams. After an extended struggle with Williams he was handcuffed and placed under arrest.
  • 04-28-15   Burglary Suspect Caught in Act
      It appears that Raymond Harold Lee, 54 years of age and a resident of Humble, Texas was totally oblivious to the fact that it was 10: am on a bright Sunday morning and the fact that his Toyota vehicle was parked in someone’s drive way with the trunk up and loaded with stolen property would not catch the attention of someone who would call the Sheriff’s Department to investigate. However, that is exactly what happened when Sheriff’s Deputies James McQueen, Michael Strait and Justin Johnston was dispatched to CR 2266 on April 26th. in the Tarkington Prairie Area where they walked into the home at that address and found Lee sitting on the floor of the master bedroom calmly contemplating what he wanted to take from the home next.
  • 04-28-15   Mail Boxes Damaged in Hardin
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s dispatcher’s office began receiving numerous calls from citizens in the Hardin area early on Monday morning, April 27th. regarding several mail boxes that were severely damaged apparently in the early morning hours. Deputy Darrell Werner who made the initial investigation reported that over twenty mail boxes had been damaged early Monday morning and that calls were continuing to come in on Tuesday by citizens who were just now finding their mail boxes destroyed.
  • 04-27-15   Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader has recently initiated a “Family Assistance Unit” composed of the four existing volunteer Chaplains within the agency and has assigned this new unit to the Special Operations Division of the Sheriff’s Office
      Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader has recently initiated a “Family Assistance Unit” composed of the four existing volunteer Chaplains within the agency and has assigned this new unit to the Special Operations Division of the Sheriff’s Office. Presently these Chaplains donate their off duty hours and volunteer their services for spiritual guidance or counseling, upon request, to any member of the Sheriff’s department who wishes to take advantage of this service. Now, with the expansion of this program the newly formed Family Assistance Unit will again, upon request, assist family members in handling church related issues involving the on duty death of a Deputy or any family member of the agencies personnel. In addition, these Chaplains will also be available to any other First Responder agency in Liberty County upon their request for such services. In the event that one of these Chaplains are not of the particular faith of someone who is requesting their assistance, one of the Chaplains will help contact a Minister of any other faith the family may need. They can also assist in securing funeral services at a particular church a family may want and attend to many of the other church related details that distraught family members may find difficult to deal with during such a traumatic period of time in their life. The Sheriff’s dispatcher will maintain the “on call” telephone numbers of these Chaplains for twenty four a day, seven days a week call out response when needed.
  • 04-21-15   Hardin I.S.D. Bomb Threat
      At approximately 10:30 am this morning, an unidentified male subject called the Hardin I.S.D. Administration Building and told an employee that a bomb was in the school building and it would explode in twenty minutes.
  • 04-18-15   In-Custody Death (Apparent Suicide)
      At approximately 5:40pm this evening, personnel of the Liberty County Jail notified the Sheriff’s Office that inmate Jeremy Keith Shomo, D.O.B. 4-8-83 and a resident of the Orange, Texas area was found deceased in his “Seg-cell” (single person cell ) where he apparently hanged himself with a shoe lace attached to a shower hook.
  • 04-16-15   Kansas Wanted Suspects Arrested.
      Thanks to the alertness of Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputy Gordon Bean two suspects wanted on burglary and theft warrants out of Kansas were arrested on Hwy. 90, in the City of Liberty at approximately 11:30am yesterday morning. Christopher Wilkerson, age 32 and Kara Lynn Havel, age 24 were driving a U-Haul truck that citizens had reported as being “suspicious” and driving around in their neighborhoods.
  • 04-15-15   In-Custody Death of Inmate
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office was notified at approximately 11:25am this morning that inmate Beverly Ann Mooring, age 57 was found to be in medical distress and non-responsive in the “detox” cell of the county jail. Jail personnel immediately began CPR on Mooring who was soon transferred, by ambulance, to the Liberty/Dayton Regional Hospital. Shortly thereafter, Beverly Mooring was pronounced deceased and an autopsy was ordered by Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace, Judge Stephen Hebert.

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