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  • 01-27-16   The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has been notified that Phillip Henry Freeman, age 38, who had escaped from the Liberty County jail has been arrested
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has been notified that Phillip Henry Freeman, age 38, who had escaped from the Liberty County jail on October 13, 2015, has been arrested by the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas for burglary, attempted theft and fleeing from arresting Officers.
  • 01-21-16   “In God We Trust” decals on Liberty County Sheriff’s Units
      An idea that has been discussed for the past two years in the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office after it was noted that some northern law enforcement agencies had placed “In God We Trust” decals on their patrol vehicles finally came to fruition this week when those same type decals were placed on Sheriff’s units here in Liberty County
  • 01-20-16   Alleged Accidental Shooting Death
      A reported accidental shooting on CR 4893 in south Liberty County resulted in the death of Justin Taylor Gonzales, DOB 4-21-95 who lived nearby on CR 4895
  • 01-18-16   Two Back-to-Back Significant Drug Arrest
      Last week, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Criminal Interdiction Unit made significant drug arrest on consecutive days that took more drugs off the streets of Liberty County.
  • 01-12-16   Missing Person found by Sheriff’s Office
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office received a missing person report on January 3rd regarding Deirdre Roach (WF) 59 a resident of the Cleveland, Texas area of north Liberty County. Her vehicle was found a short time later in the Crosby area but she was not found with her car.
  • 01-07-16   Joint Agency Effort Results in Drug Arrest
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office along with the Liberty Police Department have received numerous complaints in reference to narcotics being sold by a man identified as Donald Chambers from a residence located at 3814 Oilfield Road in South Liberty, Texas. Investigation showed that Chambers is currently on probation through Liberty County for narcotic violations from a 2013 arrest by the Liberty Police Department.
  • 01-07-16   New in-car cameras
      As modern technology advances and grows each day by leaps and bounds, those who do not keep up with those advancements will soon realize that the days of the “Big Chief tablet” and a number 2 pencil have long since faded into the past. Modern day law enforcement has always struggled to keep up with the criminal element when it comes to technology because, sad to say, the agencies are totally dependent upon city or county tax monies which are, historically, stretched too thinly to ever adequately support what the agencies need to do the job that society places upon them. While the criminal element has no such boundaries or limitations on the way they make their illegal gains especially in the area of drug manufacture and distribution which can mount into the millions of dollars in revenue.
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s dispatcher was notified yesterday at approximately 3:30pm on Monday, January 4th. that an unknown white male had exposed himself to a mother and her nine (9) year old daughter at the Simmons store located on Hwy. 1008 and FM 2797 in the City of Kenefick located in south Liberty County. Sheriff’s Deputy Tana Fisher talked to the husband of the adult victim as well as other witnesses and found that someone at the scene had taken a photograph of the suspect’s vehicle as the driver was fleeing the area.
  • 01-04-16   Drug Arrest in City of Kenefick
      After receiving numerous complaints from area citizens in the City of Kenefick in south Liberty County, Deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Criminal Interdiction Unit began conducting an investigation on the residence located at 1473 FM 2797. On December 28, 2015 Deputies approached the residence to talk to the home owner.
  • 12-28-15   Town Hall Meeting - Texas Open Carry law
      The Liberty Police Department will be hosting an informal Town Hall Meeting on Thursday January 7, 2016 to discuss the new Texas Open Carry law which takes effect on January 1, 2016
  • 12-28-15   Liberty County Sheriff’s Honor Guard
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s Honor Guard has been reorganized by Sheriff Bobby Rader and now is a more active and county wide representative of all law enforcement agencies within the county than just the Sheriff’s Office alone. It has been and still is, Sheriff’s Rader’s goal to compose the Honor Guard with other Public Service personnel from police departments, Fire Departments, Constables office and the Department Of Public Safety. The Sheriff invites any such agency that may be interested in joining the Honor Guard to contact the Sheriff’s Office. Presently the Dayton and Cleveland Police Departments have personnel that are participating and the unit is beginning to take on a reflections of the entire county rather than just one agency. Other participating agencies are ask to furnish their personnel with the proper “whites” such as white gloves, white ascot and white shoulder rope for their respective uniforms.
  • 12-28-15   Sheriff Bobby Rader has announced, after almost a year-long pain’s taking and methodological research on what is considered to be “state of the art” body cameras for law enforcement
      Sheriff Bobby Rader has announced, after almost a year-long pain’s taking and methodological research on what is considered to be “state of the art” body cameras for law enforcement, that by the end of this week all Sheriff’s Deputies and Investigators will be equipped with such body cameras and a written policy governing their operation will be in the hands of all personnel. This difficult task of building this body cam system was given to Sgt. Brett Audilet who said that by week’s end he will have the system well in place and operational.
  • 12-24-15   Arrest made in Burned Body case
      Liberty County Sheriff’s Investigator Sgt. Paul Lasco reported the arrest of Marcus Clifton Johnson, DOB 11-03-76, of Houston by Pct. 2 Harris County Constables on December 23, 2015 on a warrant out of Pct. 1 Judge Stephen Hebert’s court charging Johnson with Tampering With or Fabricating Physical Evidence ( Human Corpse). During the course of the investigation the deceased was identified as Isaiah Jerome Rios, DOB 11-13-95 and a resident of Houston, Texas.
  • 12-17-15   Donation of Sign for LCSO Firing Range
      Quite often things are done for others where there is a need and although it may not seem like a monumental gesture in the overall daily scheme of things, it is not only a need fulfilled but is deeply appreciated by those who are the receivers of that gesture. So it was when Warden Robert Lacy with Corrections Corporations of America ( CCA ) and his staff were in training at the firing range of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. Warden Lacy notice that with all the hard work and dedication that Range Coordinator Royce Wheeler has put into building the range into one of the very best law enforcement firing and training ranges in the area, that the sign on the main road leading into the range was in very poor condition. The old sign was faded, worn thin by the weather and certainly did not reflect the quality of the facility that is used by not only the Sheriff’s Office and the CCH personnel to stay proficient with firearm qualifications but as well as approximately 16 other agencies as other Liberty County law enforcement agencies, Texas Rangers, DPS and Federal Agencies to name only a few.
  • 12-17-15   Angels Above Us Donations
      In this Christmas season of giving and “Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men”, few organizations exemplifies this heart felt generosity more than Liberty Counties own “Angels Above Us” Home Health Care Services located in the City of Liberty, Texas. With a deep concern for those who are far less fortunate in health and wealth, Donna Alpers, Account Executive for Angels Above Us along with members of her staff donated 34 new blankets to Sheriff Bobby Rader for his patrol deputies to carry in their patrol vehicles and give to any deserving person they encounter who is in need of a blanket to warm themselves on a cold winter night.
  • 12-15-15   Convicted Inmate Commits Suicide
      After being found guilty by a jury of Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent To Deliver at around 11:15am this morning, Kenneth Ray Thornhill, DOB 12-20-66 was found hanging by the neck and deceased in a holding cell immediately adjacent to the court room at 1:pm. Thornhill had taken off his shirt and secured it to a cell bar approximately 6’ off the floor and tied the other end around his neck.
  • 12-10-15   Attempted Kidnapping of 7 year old boy & Community Advisory
      On Tuesday, December 8th, Sheriff’s Deputy Tana Fisher responded to a reported attempted kidnapping of a seven (7) year boy while he was playing near the 300 block of CR 4882 near the City of Dayton, Texas. According to the small boy he was playing near the road when a black male driving a red pick-up truck pulled up near him and grabbed his shoulder and tried to pull him into the red truck.
  • 12-10-15   Cocaine & Meth Arrest
      The drug enforcement efforts of Sheriff Bobby Rader and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office continues on a daily basis with arrest being made in both large and smaller amounts of various drugs but with the same objective in mind. That objective is to take impaired drivers off our highways and the removal of available drugs from the communities youth as well as adults.
  • 12-05-15   Sexual Assault on CR 1413 in Liberty County
      At approximately 5:30pm this evening, Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a reported sexual assault that occurred sometime between 4:pm and 5:pm on CR 1413 just off Hwy. 90 in west Liberty County. The unknown male suspect had fled the scene earlier after completing the sexual assault with the female victim.
  • 12-04-15   Deputy John Bennett was presented a Letter of Appreciation and a Challenge Coin by U.S. Department of Homeland Security
      Deputy John Bennett was presented a Letter of Appreciation and a Challenge Coin by U.S. Department of Homeland Security at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office regular monthly meeting that was held on 12/3/15. The recognition was for his assistance in the arrest of a pedophile, on October 10, 2015. The pedophile was engaged in the commercial production of child pornography involving the sexual exploitation and molestation of multiple children.

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