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  • 04-16-15   Kansas Wanted Suspects Arrested.
      Thanks to the alertness of Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputy Gordon Bean two suspects wanted on burglary and theft warrants out of Kansas were arrested on Hwy. 90, in the City of Liberty at approximately 11:30am yesterday morning. Christopher Wilkerson, age 32 and Kara Lynn Havel, age 24 were driving a U-Haul truck that citizens had reported as being “suspicious” and driving around in their neighborhoods.
  • 04-15-15   In-Custody Death of Inmate
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office was notified at approximately 11:25am this morning that inmate Beverly Ann Mooring, age 57 was found to be in medical distress and non-responsive in the “detox” cell of the county jail. Jail personnel immediately began CPR on Mooring who was soon transferred, by ambulance, to the Liberty/Dayton Regional Hospital. Shortly thereafter, Beverly Mooring was pronounced deceased and an autopsy was ordered by Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace, Judge Stephen Hebert.
  • 04-14-15   DANIAL RAY BURCH HAS BEEN ARRESTED 04-14-2015
      On 3/6/2015 a plea was sent out requesting information that would lead to the arrest of Danial Ray Burch aka “Short Fuse”. I want to thank the citizens of Liberty County for the many leads that were given to Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and Liberty County Constable’s Office in Precinct 2. Early this morning several agencies worked together to capture Danial Ray Burch.
  • 04-02-15   Liberty County Sheriff’s Office was invited to present a program to the Devers I.S.D. 3rd grade students.
      3rd grade students. Sgt. Bubba Pearson and Sheriff Bobby Rader met with the class on April 1, 2015. The topic of discussion was “The importance of reading and writing a report”. The students are preparing to take the STAAR test and “reading and understanding” is part of the test.
  • 03-31-15   Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputies get more drugs off the streets.
      On March 30, 2015, a call was received by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office from a complainant stating that her neighbor had been injured and was bent over and in pain. The complainant stated that her neighbor told her that she had been beat up and robbed. Deputy J. R. McQueen and Deputy M. Strait were dispatched to conduct an investigation at the residence which was located off of East River Road. Upon arrival, Deputy J. R. McQueen and Deputy M. Strait were met by a male subject who had just arrived on the scene. The male subject advised the deputies that he was the owner the residence. He further advised that his tenant had been assaulted and robbed. Deputy J. R. McQueen and Deputy M. Strait were lead into the residence by the landlord. Once inside the residence they found the female tenant/victim lying on a mattress. The female victim, who later identified herself as Tammie Cordova, was severely beaten and sustained several injuries. Deputies on scene requested EMS to come and check the victim’s injuries.
  • 03-30-15   Aggravated Assault Arrest
      On the afternoon of Saturday, March 28th, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) received a report of an assault that had just occurred in the 400 block of Baker’s Circle in Ames. Deputy William Candelari responded to the scene and met with the victim, 54 year old Victoria Denson.
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office once again called upon the services of Texas EquuSearch volunteers to conduct additional search activities for Larry Richard Baker Sr. age 54 who first went missing from his residence on CR 325 in north Liberty County on January 29, 2010. At that time, Lead Investigator Sgt. Brian Bortz and now Captain Mark Ellington who were leading the original investigation called upon Texas EquuSearch to conduct the original search which, after several days of searching, failed to find Mr. Baker. According to family members at that time, Larry Baker is alleged to have left his home sometime during the night on a very cold and rainy January night and was never seen again. In addition to an extensive search of the wooded area surrounding the residence there were two small water filled ponds that were of concern. One pond was pumped dry by the Cleveland Fire Department and the second one was dragged with no results of finding Mr. Baker. After several days of searching the search was suspended.
  • 03-16-15   Trinity River Report
      This is the latest flooding report for the Trinity River as published by our Liberty County Office of Emergency Management Coordinator, Mr. Tom Branch. I’m sure Mr. Branch will be issuing other bulletins as conditions warrant. Thanks to all that have called for this information. Capt. Ken DeFoor Public information Officer Liberty County Sheriff’s Office
  • 03-15-15   Trinity River Info.
      FW: Trinity River Report From: Ken DefoorAdd to Contacts Sent: Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 9:03 am To: Allen Y, allen youngblood, ANGEL SAN JUAN, B. Langlois, Baytown Sun, Bill Buchanan, Brent Taylor, CHOW S, 'crsolomon', Cynthia Horswell, David Rodriguez, Frank Black, JAMIE NASH, John Steiger, Katie Mccall, Ken Luck, Kevin G. Quinn, 'Kshn Radio', Kshn Radio, 'Kshn Radio Station', 'Liberty Dispatch', Liberty Gazette, Lorena Cozzari, 'M Franco', Melissa KPRC, News 39, News 92fm, News desk, newsdesk at krivfox26, 'Niaquez at KPRC', R Russell, Richard Guerra, 'Richard Guerra', Richard Guerra, SCOTT ENGLE, SHERIFF BOBBY RADER, Shirley Jackson, Tim Miller, Tim Monzingo, 'Tim Monzingo', Vanesa Brashier, Vindicator, Vindicator Editor NEWS MEDIA… This is the latest flooding report for the Trinity River as published by our Liberty County Office of Emergency Management Coordinator, Mr. Tom Branch. I’m sure Mr. Branch will be issuing other bulletins as conditions warrant. Thanks to all that have called for this information. Capt. Ken DeFoor Public information Officer Liberty County Sheriff’s Office
  • 03-13-15   Auto Theft Arrest on CR 2092
      It appears that the alertness of a Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputy coupled with the apparent nervousness and drug induced actions of the driver of a stolen car resulted in the arrest of one adult and a juvenile for auto theft along with other charges. In addition, the actions of the driver who was known to be in possession of a stolen .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol made this arrest a very “high risk” encounter for this one-man patrol unit Deputy, but relying on his training and a cool head, the arrest was accomplished without a tragic incident occurring on either side.
  • 03-12-15   Trinity River
      I know our local Liberty County media outlets keeps a close watch on the local forecast for our weather conditions so this notice that I’m sending out is mostly to address the many calls I have received from the major news networks asking about information on the Trinity River possible flooding conditions. Most all of my media addresses are contained in my “mass media e-mail list” so if you are getting this from our OEM and from me, then I apologize for causing it to come to you twice but I hope this helps for those outlets that have called me.
  • 03-11-15   Trinity River Flooding Potential
      Several have called regarding what the Trinity River may do in a possible flood condition due to the recent heavy rains….
  • 03-09-15   Double March Drug Arrest
      It appears from the way drug arrest are being made by Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader’s Criminal Interdiction Unit the month of March is starting out similar to February’s as two more drug operations have been shut down.
  • 03-06-15   February Drug Arrest in Liberty County
      The Liberty County Sheriff Office’s Criminal Interdiction Unit continues to take large bites out of the drug traffic that travels to and through Liberty County. The month of February resulted in two such drug arrest with subjects arrested and charged on drug offenses.
      At approximately 4:pm, on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 and acting on a Crime Stopper “tip”, JAMES RODNEY BURNETT was arrested just off CR 4950 in Fred, Texas and is now in the Liberty County jail. Burnett was arrested in a joint effort of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Brett Audilet and Sgt. Investigator Billy Knox along with the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jeff Mashaw and the U.S. Marshal’s Joint East Texas Fugitive Task Force. According to Sgt. Audilet and Sgt. Knox, James Burnett attempted to flee the arresting Officers on foot but was chased down through a very swamp filled wooded area and arrested about 200 yards from the CR 4950 location. At the time of his arrest, Burnett was unarmed and the .45 caliber pistol he is charged with stealing has not, at this time, been recovered but the investigation is continuing in this regard.
  • 03-02-15   The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public’s help in locating JAMES RODNEY BURNETT
      The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public’s help in locating JAMES RODNEY BURNETT (WM) DOB 9-13-1979, who is described as 6’-0”, weight 250 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes with several tattoos on hands, both arms and body. James Burnett is a parole violator and is also wanted on two outstanding warrants out of Liberty County. One for “Theft of a Firearm” and a second for “Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon”. The firearm is described by Sheriff’s Deputy James McQueen Jr. as a .45 caliber 1911 Desert Eagle semi-automatic pistol.
      Few people would argue the point that, perhaps, attempting to arrest an armed felon with a long criminal record or attempting to enter a booby trapped drug traffickers “stash house” or dealing with an armed barricaded person with innocent hostages subject to the hostage takers whim of not only taking the life of the hostage but, possibly, his own is one of the most dangerous and critical situations that any law enforcement agency can face. Yet, hardly an evening goes by that we don’t see on the evening news, scenes such as this from not only our own state but across the nation as well. In this society in which we live, such situations are played out on a daily basis. But one thing is of special note. In most of these scenarios the arrest and “stand-offs” are handled by people with special training in these critical areas, careful planning and cool heads under stress prevail and the scene is resolved, in most cases, without bloodshed on either the side of law enforcement, the offender or what is normally the case, a domestic situation in which a family member has been taken hostage. And, anyone who may think this only happens in the “big cities” rather than our smaller communities are not tuned in to reality for here in Liberty County it happens more often than one would think but, again, because of excellent crisis training, cool heads and adequate planning of the Sheriff’s “Special Response Team” ( SRT ) the crisis is handled as “business as usual” with little fanfare and no bloodshed thus making it of little interest to the general public.
  • 02-27-15   Liberty County Interdiction Exploitation Operation 02/19/2015 After Action Report:
      Houston BEST (HSI, CBP, DPS), with personnel from Liberty County Sheriff Office (LCSO), HSI Beaumont, DEA Beaumont and with assistance from the Houston Police Department (HPD) conducted a contraband and bulk cash smuggling interdiction exploitation operation whereby the partner agencies leveraged targeted traffic stops to identify individuals and vehicles using hidden compartments or other concealment means to smuggle narcotics and/or currency transiting Liberty County, Texas with particular emphasis on vehicles connected to the Port of Houston or with ties to the international border.
      At approximately 4:pm this evening, Marshal Gerald Coffin of Dayton who was wanted on an Aggravated Assault warrant for the shooting of Victor Robert Pereida on CR 460 was arrested. Lead Investigator Sgt. Paul Lasco who has worked this case tirelessly since it occurred on February 14th and working off information gained from his on-going investigation determined that Coffin had rented a vehicle at the Enterprise Car Rental on Hwy. 90 in Liberty and was due to return the car this evening. With additional Deputies and D.P.S. Troopers watching the rental agency from a distance, Bernadette Ochoa was observed driving the gold colored pick-up truck to the rental agency to pick up Coffin. Shortly thereafter, Marshal Coffin drove the rental car back to turn it in. After he completed the paperwork and stepped outside to get into the pick-up truck with Ochoa, several Officers converged on the pair and both Coffin and Ochoa were arrested unarmed and without resistance. No weapon was found on Coffin at the time of his arrest.
  • 02-14-15   Shooting on CR 460, Liberty County
      Liberty County Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to a shooting at #684 CR 460 at about 6:15am this morning in south Liberty County. Upon their arrival they found Victor Robert Pereida, age 50 years old suffering from five gunshot wounds to his body. Sgt. Bubba Pearson stated that from witness accounts, Marshal Gerald Coffin, age unknown was the shooter but had fled the scene prior to the arrival of Deputies and his whereabouts are still unknown at this time. Pereida was airlifted by Life Flight to Herman hospital in Houston and after surgery is presently in ICU in critical condition.

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