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      After two days of intense investigation by Cleveland Police Department Detective John Shaver and Liberty County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Investigator Kenny Dagle. It appears that what was first thought to be a deliberate act of shooting at a Deputy was rather a very careless and thoughtless discharge of a firearm into the air by some unknown person which allowed the bullets to fall down and “ shower”, and break the windshield of the patrol car with two of the spent bullets.
  • 07-24-14   Arrest on I-69/US 59 for Illegal Codeine Possession
      On Monday, July 21st, a deputy with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU) conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was travelling south on I-69/U.S.59 in the Cleveland area. Upon making contact with the three occupants of the vehicle, the Deputy detected a strong odor of burnt marijuana emanating from inside of the vehicle. All three of the occupants stated they were returning home to Houston from a recent trip to Louisiana. During the traffic stop, probable cause was developed which allowed the deputy to search the vehicle.
  • 07-23-14   Shooting victim unable to describe suspects
      At approximately 6:50pm this evening, a reported shooting on CR 2665 near FM 787 in North Liberty County sent the victim, Bradley Jones DOB 12-31-86 to a hospital in Livingston by Liberty County EMS with a superficial gun shot wound to his left shoulder. The wound is non-life threatening.
  • 07-22-14   Liberty Deputy Narrowly misses being shot.
      Liberty County Sheriff’s Patrol Captain Mark Ellington reports that one of his Deputies was walking out of the Court House Annex building in Cleveland, Texas early this morning at approximately 12:30am when he heard five rapid gun shots. The Deputy was walking towards his patrol vehicle and was at the driver’s side front fender when two of the bullets struck the windshield of his patrol unit, missing the Deputy by about 18” to 24”. The strike area of the other three bullets were not found. Fortunately, the Deputy was not injured.
  • 07-21-14   Deputies on Food Stamps Increases.
      Would you believe that in Texas, a state that is reported to be leading the nation with the very best economy in an era of rising food costs, high gasoline prices, escalating utility rates and many other necessities of daily living, would find an increasing number of Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputies qualifying for food stamps under the Lone Star card program due to low pay? Well…. today one more Deputy was added to that growing list.
  • 07-17-14   Search Warrant Nets Narcotics and Animal Cruelty Arrests
      On Wednesday, July 9th, at around 11:00 p.m., the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) executed a search warrant in the 600 block of Confederate Street in Liberty. The warrant, issued by 253rd District Judge Chap Cain, was obtained through the investigative efforts of the Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU) Team. Those efforts included interviews with criminal suspects, anonymous tips and surveillance activities.
  • 07-17-14   Narcotics Arrest From Traffic Stop
      On Tuesday, July15th, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) made an arrest during a traffic stop that resulted in a narcotics arrest. A deputy assigned to the Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU) was performing concentrated neighborhood patrols when he developed probable cause on a vehicle for several traffic violations. The deputy initiated the stop at F.M. 160 and F.M. 2830 in Raywood.
      An early morning burglary of Pct. 4, Liberty County Maintenance barn on CR 605 in the South part of the county was reported to the Sheriff’s dispatcher at approximately 6:32am today. According to Lead Deputy George Daniels, it appeared that thieves entered the locked facility by cutting the lock off the front gate with a torch and then burglarized the buildings to obtain keys to various vehicles and other shop buildings.
      A “911” call to the Sheriff Department’s dispatcher at approximately 1:07pm this evening send Deputies and EMS to the scene of the “Nine Mile Ranch Water Park” located at 759 CR 650 in South Liberty County. According to Corporal Travis Pierce it appears that Timothy Desmond Hodges DOB 8-27-79 was with a family outing at the swimming location when he was missed for several minutes. He was found floating in the water and pulled to shore where by-standers started CPR.
      Lead Deputy Ruben Arrelano reported that he has been notified by Herman Hospital in Houston that Timothy Desmond Hodges expired this evening as a result of what was originally reported to be a near drowning accident at the “Nine Mile Ranch Water Park” on CR 650 in Liberty County.
  • 07-05-14   DOA Shooting in Liberty County Club - FOLLOWUP
      Following an all -night and most of today investigation on the part of Liberty County Sheriff’s investigators, Sgt. Brian Bortz and Sgt. Josh Cummins, lead Investigator Sgt. Bortz released the name of the shooting victim as being YOLANDA SANTOS, DOB 8-17-67 with an unconfirmed Pasadena, Texas address.
      At around 10:15 pm this evening, a shooting at the Double “B” Oaks Club located at 5999 Hwy. 146 approximately five miles South of Dayton, Texas, resulted in the death of a white female who’s name is being withheld at this time until family members can be contacted. Sgt. Investigators Brian Bortz and Sgt. Josh Cummins stated they were in the very early stage of the investigation and many details will not be available until sometime tomorrow.
  • 06-25-14   Recent Editorial “LCSO Obtains Plastic Explosives” - in its entirity
      Response to Mr. Allen Youngblood, I Dineout. This letter is in response to your editorial on June 22, 2014, titled “LCSO Obtains Plastic Explosives”. You raised some important questions in your article and I would like the opportunity to provide some answers.
  • 06-15-14   Near Drowning of 2 yr. old
      At 3:47pm today, a frantic “911” call came into the Liberty County dispatcher with both a male and female voice screaming about a 2 year old little boy that had drowned. Due to the frantic nature of the caller(s) only the address of 2007 CR 605 could be obtained and Deputy James McQueen was dispatched to that location. Upon his arrival, family members and friends told Deputy McQueen that the mother and father had left the scene and was taking their child to he local hospital by private auto.
  • 06-15-14   Accidental 22. Cal. bullet explodes & injury
      The Sheriff’s Department dispatcher received a “911” call at approximately 4:06pm this evening from Rachel Mendoza who stated that her twelve (12) year old son had just been injured by a .22 caliber bullet that stuck him in his eye. Deputy James Hobson responded toward the scene but found Ms. Mendoza and her son on Hwy. 90 near Hwy. 321, in Dayton, being transported to a local hospital by private auto.
  • 06-13-14   Accidental self- inflicted gun shot wound.
      An Ames resident, Bobby Ray Bernard, DOB 3-8-65, his wife, Sonya Bernard, DOB 11-27-69 and their two young children were returning home from a day of fishing in the Galveston area when Bernard, while driving, decided to unload his 9mm semi- automatic pistol
  • 06-11-14   Pursuit and Capture of Two Theft Suspects
      On Tuesday, June 10th, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) had a vehicle pursuit which resulted in the suspect’s truck losing control in a rollover crash. A foot pursuit then resulted, with two suspects eventually being taken into custody.
  • 06-04-14   Cruelty To Animals
      A citizen’s complaint called in to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday, June 3rd. regarding several animals that appeared to be neglected at #207 CR 3600, in north Liberty County, has resulted in the seizure of six (6) horses, One (1) Donkey, two (2) dogs, one (1) cat and four (4) pigs. All the animals have been turned over to the Houston SPCA and a seizure hearing will be held next Tuesday at 10: am in Judge Ralph Fuller’s Pct. 6 Justice Court.
  • 05-29-14   238K Drug Money Seizure
      On Thursday, May 22, 2014 at approximately 12:30pm, Deputies with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Drug Interdiction Unit stopped an out of state passenger car that was southbound on U.S. Hwy. 59 just outside of Cleveland, Texas in Liberty County for a traffic violation. During this stop the Deputies became suspicious of the drivers travel plans and his behavior. The sole occupant of the vehicle was identified as Armin ( no middle name) Martinez, DOB 1-5-79. A consent to search was granted by Martinez and sixteen (16) bundles of U.S. currency wrapped with black electrical tape were located concealed in the front driver and passenger side of the bumper.
  • 05-27-14   Two Arrested, One Still Loose From Manhunt South Of Raywood
      On Thursday, May 22nd, at approximately 3:00 pm., the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) received a call regarding a man and a woman running through the complainant’s field on CR 1170, south of Raywood near the irrigation canal system. Sgt. Brett Audilet was in the area, having just finished investigating a burglary at a radio tower on Hwy. 61, so he went enroute to the call on CR 1170. When Sgt. Audilet arrived on scene, he immediately saw a male subject run from him, so he radioed-in a foot pursuit.

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