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  • 12-17-14   Pursuit and Capture on FM 787
      On Tuesday, December 16th, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) Deputy James R. McQueen was on random patrol in the north end of Liberty County. While stopped at a red light in Cleveland, he noticed that the Nissan Sentra stopped in front of him had an expired dealer’s tag. He saw the driver and passenger looking intently at him in their rear and side view mirrors. When the light changed green, the Sentra didn’t move. When it finally did start moving, it made an erratic turn into a Stripes convenience store parking lot. Deputy McQueen initiated a traffic stop, but the driver refused to pull over for the emergency lights and siren.
  • 12-11-14   Unique ATV Stolen in Liberty County
      A very unique ATV was stolen in a theft case on FM 1011 in North Liberty County along with several other pieces of equipment. The ATV as described to Deputy James Hobson by the owner is a 2015 “Tomcar”, 4 cylinder ATV with a “camouflage” paint job, Serial # A6T57TZRKEP015040.
  • 12-11-14   Escape and Evading Arrest on CR 6478
      On the early morning of Monday, December 1st, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) deputies Kevin Theiss and Tana Fisher observed a suspicious vehicle on CR 6478, in the Woodland Hills area north of Dayton. The vehicle was parked on the roadway but was not occupied. Deputies checked the hood of the vehicle and noted it was still warm. They looked through the vehicle’s windows with their flashlights and could see several items inside, including bolt cutters, cell phones, tools and a back pack.
      After the unidentified burned human remains were found in an isolated area of South Liberty County, Investigators issued a “Region Two” broadcast for any missing person case(s) from other agencies where the physical description might match up with the unknown male victim found burned and wrapped in a tarp in Liberty County. Several responses came back to Sheriff’s Sgt. Investigator Chris Ungles who spent many hours comparing physical descriptions, clothing and discernible facial features of the victim with photos and descriptions of those submitted by other agencies. Sgt. Ungles narrowed the field of missing persons down to one possible individual that was reported missing from Harris County after he was last seen on November 18, 2014. Sgt. Ungles then contacted Texas Ranger Brandon Bess who provided state assistance is obtaining DNA from family members of the missing man to attempt a confirmed identification.
      An almost three and a half month missing person investigation in Liberty County is thought to now be solved when skeletal remains were found by two members of Texas EquuSearch in a section of woods just west of CR 2003 in Hardin, Texas at around 1:05 pm today. Although a confirmed identity cannot be made until an autopsy is conducted and dental records and DNA testing can be completed, from the description of clothing found at the scene which matches the clothing worn by Christopher Maes, age 23, who walked away from his home at about 2:30am on August 28th, it is quite possible the remains are those of Mr. Maes.
  • 11-26-14   Burned Human Remains
      On Thursday, November 20, 2014 at approximately 5:35pm, the Liberty County Sheriff’s dispatcher received a call from a resident who lives near FM 1409 who reported finding the burned remains of a human body just off Private Road 442 which is also known as Harrison Road in South Liberty County. According to Sheriff’s Department Lead Investigator Sgt. Paul Lasco the remains, which is thought to be the body of a Hispanic male in his 20’s, had been wrapped in a tarp and the tarp and body set on fire.
  • 11-21-14   Suicide Investigation on CR 2066
      On the afternoon of Wednesday, November 19th, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) was dispatched to a home in the 1300 block of County Road 2066, in reference to a possible suicide. When the first LCSO unit, Deputy William Candelari arrived on the scene, he was directed to a small camper-type trailer near the back of the property. Upon entering the trailer, he observed a victim on a bed, lying on his back with a rope around his neck. The victim appeared to have been deceased for some time. Liberty County EMS was called to the scene, but resuscitation efforts were not possible.
  • 11-21-14   News Release from Sheriff Rader
      The purpose of this press release is to discuss the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office compensatory time policy. I hope that this information will clear up some of the misunderstandings that have been going around.
  • 11-20-14   Shooting/Death Investigation
      On the evening of Wednesday, November 19th, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) was called to the 300 block of County Road 166 to investigate a shooting. The first call was received on 911 shortly after 9:00 p.m. The 13 year old caller stated two men in a silver Chevy pickup had pulled up to his house and were in an altercation with his father. The altercation quickly progressed into one of the men from the truck being shot. There are several conflicting stories and possibly more than one gun was present.
      A “tip” from an anonymous citizen led to the arrest of Wayne Ross Maitland wanted for the kidnapping of little one year old Colt Williams, his step son, almost two weeks ago. A citizen notified the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher that Maitland had been seen going into the home of his step father located on CR 451 just off of Hwy. 1409 in south Liberty County at approximately 3:pm this evening. Several Deputies responded to the CR 451 location and found the vehicle that Maitland had fled the county in parked behind the residence.
  • 11-07-14   A word from the Sheriff
      Law Enforcement Officer/Deputy ID Cards There have been several cases across the United States where someone has falsely identified themselves as a police officer or deputy. Liberty County has had at least three incidents since I have been the sheriff. I want to make sure that the citizens of Liberty County are aware that there is a law that requires ALL law-enforcement agencies to produce identification cards for their officers.
  • 11-06-14   “ALERT”, Scam Threats in Liberty County
      It appears that various forms of the same type “scam” operations are in play in Liberty County as well, perhaps, in surrounding areas. Although the initial contact story may vary, the end results are the same and that is to separate the victim from their money in their bank account. Liberty County residents are being warned to NOT respond to these type telephone calls and to report the incident as quickly as possible to their local law enforcement agency.
  • 11-06-14   Marijuana Seizure in Liberty County
      On October 30, 2014, Deputies with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Interdiction Unit conducted a narcotic search warrant located at 9888 Plum Grove Road in the Cleveland, Texas area of North Liberty County. Deputies received a narcotics complaint via the Sheriff’s Office website and began their investigation. The tip advised there was an indoor Marijuana “grow” taking place in a barn on this property.
  • 11-02-14   Accidental death on tractor
      In what could be considered a “freak accident” resulted in the death of Charles William Lippold, age 65 at his home on CR 2191 in the Tarkington Prairie area at around 12:40pm this afternoon.
  • 11-01-14   Drive by shooting in Liberty County
      A reported “drive by shooting” to the Liberty County Sheriff’s dispatcher at approximately 8:45pm tonight sent the victim, Robert Bradley Potetz, age 27 of the Raywood area to Herman Hospital in Houston by ground ambulance in unknown condition. Cpl. Kevin Theiss was advised by Liberty County EMS that it appears the victim had a fragment wound to the left side of his head and a gun shot wound to one hand. At this time, the wounds do not appear to be life threatening.
      Information was received by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department around 3:am this morning that one year old Colt Williams had evidently been dropped off at a hospital emergency room in Louisiana by his step father, Wayne R. Maitland age 28. Hospital personnel were alerted when some of the staff heard the baby crying and he was found safe and unharmed in the emergency room. Maitland had fled the hospital and is still being sought by authorities in that area. As a result of baby Colt Williams being found, the Amber Alert has been cancelled.
  • 10-31-14   One Year Old Child Abducted
      A call to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Dispatcher at approximately 6:pm this evening has set into motion an “Amber Alert” for little one year old Colt Williams born 11-09-13. A domestic dispute between Colt’s mother, Chelsie Hooper and her husband, Wayne Ross Maitland on CR 622 in the West Liberty County area developed when it is alleged that Maitland taped the hands of his wife, Chelsie and told her that he was going to make her watch him commit suicide by placing a hose to his vehicle tail pipe and running it into the car.
  • 10-30-14   Equine Investigation Training
      Various law enforcement educational training for Liberty County Deputies and Investigators continues with much of the funding coming from illegal drug seizure monies awarded by the courts to the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Bobby Rader has made training a top priority in his administration and that effort has paid off in better services to the citizens of Liberty County just as this most recent training in Equine Investigations is doing.
  • 10-27-14   Felony Warrant Roundup Successful
      A joint effort by the U.S. Marshals Office, Liberty County Sheriff’s Department along with the Department of Public Safety, the Liberty Police Department and Cleveland Police Department resulted in the arrest of five (5) felons who were arrested in the latest “warrant roundup” in Liberty County. All were wanted on outstanding felony warrants and have now been placed in the Liberty County jail on various charges.
      A party being held at 207 Tebo St. in Ames, Texas, in South Liberty County, resulted in a shooting after an argument with several men from the City of Cleveland area who became upset over losing a game of “beer pong”. It appears that at least two people were shot and taken to area hospitals with gun shot wounds to their legs.

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