Accidental 22. Cal. bullet explodes & injury

Jun 15, 2014

The Sheriff’s Department dispatcher received a “911” call at approximately 4:06pm this evening from Rachel Mendoza who stated that her twelve (12) year old son had just been injured by a .22 caliber bullet that stuck him in his eye. Deputy James Hobson responded toward the scene but found Ms. Mendoza and her son on Hwy. 90 near Hwy. 321, in Dayton, being transported to a local hospital by private auto.


Deputy Hobson stated that upon interviewing the young man as to how he got injured from the bullet, the young boy told Dep. Hobson that he had held a cigarette lighter under a .22 caliber bullet to see what would happen. The bullet exploded sending bullet fragments through his left middle finger and lodging in the left eye lid.


The injury was non-life threating so the boy’s mother decided to drive her son, by private auto, to a hospital in Humble, Texas. Sgt. Josh Cummins is conducting the follow up investigation which is continuing.


Capt. Ken DeFoor





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