FATHER/SON SHOOTING IN LIBERTY COUNTY-follow up and completed investigation

Jan 24, 2014

This is the follow up and completed investigation of last evening where James Albert Nesler shot and killed his son, J.A. Nesler during a domestic disturbance. Please see the attached for the PRELIMINARY investigation of this case.

Lead Investigator Sgt. Kenny Dagle has advised that the investigation of the shooting death of J.A. Nesler, age 26 ( corrected age) by his father, James Albert Nesler, age 61 (corrected age) at their residence on CR 450 in south Liberty Counter has resulted in James Nesler being charged with murder on a warrant secured out of Judge Stephen Hebert’s court in the early morning hours of today, January 24th. James Nesler has been placed in the Liberty County jail and will await his appearance before a Judge later this morning. At this time no bond has been set.

During the follow-up investigation, Sgt. Investigator Dagle and Sgt. Investigator Billy Knox were told by James Nesler that a brief argument has begun between a visiting friend and his son, J.A. Nesler. Shortly after this brief argument with the visiting friend an argument started between father and son. James Nesler told Investigators that his son started towards him ( James Nesler ) and in an attempt to stop the argument between he and his son, James Nesler stated that he attempted to just shoot his son in the shoulder in order to “warn” him. Mr. Nesler shot his son with a .357 revolver hitting his son in the chest. His son was later pronounced deceased at the scene.

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