Aug 27, 2013

Liberty County ( Shooting update )

Continuing follow up investigation and further interviewing of both witnesses and the shooter, William Francis, by lead investigator Sgt. Brian Bortz, regarding the shooting at 151 Riverview Dr. in Liberty County has revealed a much different version of the shooting than was initially reported by Francis to the arriving Deputies earlier last night.

Capt. Don Neyland reported that during the follow up investigation, Sgt. Bortz determined that William Francis was, in fact, the initial aggressor in the argument that ensued between he and the shooting victim, Gregory Oines age 53 of the River Boat Bend Sub-Division and did, in fact, initiate the first physical confrontation between he and Mr. Oines. Then after punches were thrown, William Francis went to another room of the house and secured a 410 shotgun. He then returned to the room where Gregory Oines was standing and shot him in the face with the 410 which was apparently loaded with a 410 caliber “slug” rather than a shot gun shell with pellets.

William Francis was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and placed in the Liberty County jail. As of this writing, Francis has not gone before a Judge nor has a bond been set.

The victim, Gregory Oines was flown to Herman Hospital by Life Flight and is being treated for the gunshot wound to the side of his head, His specific medical condition is unknown.

NOTE: Please be reminded that media can go to the Liberty County Sheriff’s website and click on the “on line custody link” and secure mug shot(s), charges, bond, etc.

Thank each of you for your patience during this follow up process by the Investigators where the initial version of this shooting changed considerably to what is now shown above.


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