Jun 13, 2013

At approximately 3:53pm, June 13, 2013, Sheriff’s Deputy William Candelari responded to a “Disturbance” call in the 500 block of Berotte St. in Ames, Texas. This call quickly escalated to a reported “Hostage” situation before the Deputy could arrive therefore other units responded to back up Deputy Candelari.

The responding Deputies were advised that Desmond James Patrick, age 25 was holding his girlfriend as a hostage and was threatening to shoot her in the head. Under the direction of Capt. Mark Ellington a perimeter was put into place around the house and an attempt was made to establish communications with Patrick but this was unsuccessful as Patrick refused to communicate with anyone. At approximately forty-five (45) minutes into the stand- off, relatives arrived on the scene and in the process of the relatives attempting to talk to Patrick, the hostage managed to run from the home under cover of law enforcement.

At approximately 4:50pm, under the verbal directions of the Deputies, Desmond Patrick walked out of the front door with a cell phone held to his head as though it was a hand gun. He was arrested and both he and the home were searched but no hand gun was found. A pellet rifle was, however, recovered from the scene and Patrick did admit to brandishing the pellet rifle during the stand-off.

Deputy Candelari charged Desmond James Patrick with “Assault Family Violence” and “Unlawful Restraint” both a class “A” misdemeanor. Patrick was placed in the Liberty County jail and will be taken before Justice of the Peace Judge Stephen Hebert in the morning to be arraigned.

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