Human remains - update

Apr 13, 2013

LIBERTY COUNTY UPDATE:  The Liberty County Sheriff’s Department resumed its search efforts, with the assistance of Texas EquuSearch at 8:am today, for additional human remains just off  CR 332 in the North West portion of the county. Yesterday’s search by several Sheriff’s Department Investigators and Deputies yielded very positive findings of several additional skeletal remains that have been logged and sealed for later analysis.

Today, Texas EquuSearch provided over 40 searchers including 6 ATV’s and 7 horse mounted searchers of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Departments Mounted Search and Rescue Posse. This greatly enlarged search force permitted the Sheriff’s Department to expand the search area and allowed more flexibility in search assignments. As a result of this additional manpower, there have been more positive findings of human remains and other pieces of possible evidence. At this time there is no reason to believe there are more than the remains of one (1) person

In addition,  there is still no way to connect these findings with any particular individual or a determination of the deceased age, sex or race.. Expectations are that search operations will be suspended at about 5:pm this evening and no further search is scheduled.

The case is under investigation and continuning……


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