Feb 21, 2014

Sheriff Bobby Rader of the  Liberty County Sheriff’s Department and  Liberty County District Attorney Logan Pickett  have joined forces to co-sponsor and work in partnership with Ms. Faye Cutsinger, President of the CPAAA to kick off the first Citizen Police Academy in this county since 1999. All proud 31 members of   Class # 24 started the first of thirteen weeks of training on Thursday, February 13 with an impressive cross section of instructors in a wide range of law enforcement related subjects. The class schedule is each Thursday evening from 6:pm to 9:pm for the next thirteen weeks with subjects on criminal law, drug enforcement, warrant service, FBI involvement with local law enforcement, search and rescue/recovery operations, communications , medical response special event control to name only a few. Graduates of the Citizen Police Academy will be given an opportunity to join the (CPAAA) Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association which will allow them to assist any and all public service agencies in Liberty County with “non-line” functions. Needless to say, these members will not have arrest powers but can be utilized within law enforcement agencies, fire departments, District Attorney’s office, Constables Offices and other such agencies with office work, working at special events and other non- front line duties as requested through President Faye Cutsinger of the CPAAA. Such assistance from CPAAA members will better utilize the work force of these requesting agencies thus saving tax dollars as all CPAAA members are volunteers and will be well trained in their respective duties.


District Attorney Logan Pickett is pictured giving his presentation on the fundamentals of the D.A.’s office to the class on their first night of instructions. After graduation, there will be monthly meetings where, once again, instructors will be brought in to not only to expand upon some of the subjects already taught in this academy class but in many other subjects as well. If there appears to be sufficient interest on the part of the public to attend such a class, there are plans to conduct another Citizen Police Academy in the coming months  Each class must have at least thirty (30) students to make the class effective and, of course, applicants must pass a criminal history background check. For anyone who may have an interest in a future Academy class, they can call CPA Co-Coordinator, Ms. Vita O’Reilly at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department at (936) 336-4500 and submit their names for a later academy class.

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