Truck Driver - Identified

Feb 13, 2013

Additional information regarding the deceased truck driver found slumped over the steering wheel at FitzPac Grocery store parking lot at Hwy. 105 and Hwy. 146 in Liberty County is as follows......


Sgt. Investigator Brian Bortz has contacted a brother of the deceased who was identified as Walter Williams 3rd. Mr. Williams was forty-nine (49) years old and lived in Houston, Texas. The brother reported that Walter Williams had a long history of health issues. Sgt. Bortz said that from evidence found in the cab of the truck, it appears that Mr. Williams was giving himself a breathing treatment when he became distressed and pulled into the parking lot.


Justice of the Peace Cody Parrish pronounced Mr. Williams deceased at the scene and no autopsy will be performed due to the fact Mr. Williams has been under a doctors care for health issues for a long period of time.


The truck Mr. Williams was driving was a rental "box truck" which was empty and, presently, it is unknown where Mr. Williams was in route to or where he had been.  


Follow up on this case is still underway by the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.

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