February 5, 2013: "Head on" automobile major accident on FM 1960

Feb 05, 2013

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

Bobby Rader, Sheriff

2400 Beaumont Ave. ~ Liberty, TX 77575

Phone 936-336-4500 ~ Fax 936-336-4536






Date: Feb. 5, 2013


To:      All Media outlets


PIO:   Capt. Ken DeFoor

            Public Information Officer

            Liberty County Sheriff's Dept.

            (Cell) (936) 334-4083 



At approximately 9:29am this date a "head on" automobile major accident occurred just west of the City of Dayton, Texas on Hwy. 1960 near CR 605. This crash resulted in one (1) deceased person and one (1) other victim entrapped in their vehicle.


The entrapped victim has since been removed and is in route to a local hospital by ambulance as Life Flight is unable to fly due to bad weather conditions in their area.


Hwy. 1960 will be completely closed down within a few minutes to remove the wreckage and to further the investigation by the Department of Public Safety ( DPS ) who is working this crash. 


The DPS will conduct the entire investigation.


Please advise if you have further questions.


Capt. Ken DeFoor


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