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Definition of Civil Law - Civil law seeks to resolve non-criminal disputes such as disagreements over the meaning of contracts, property ownership, divorce, child custody, and damages for personal and property damage. A civil court is a place where people can solve their problems with people peacefully. The function of civil law is to provide a legal remedy to solve problems. Sometimes civil law is based on a state or federal statute; at other times civil law is based on a ruling by the court.

CIVIL DEPUTIES:   Two assigned Deputies


Overall command of the Division is held by Captain Robert Dunn.  You may contact him by calling the Liberty Office Number listed below, or by EMAIL.



Liberty County Sheriff's Office

5345 Hwy 146 north

Liberty, TX 77575

Phone:  936-336-4523

Delinquent Tax Sales: To register and obtain a bidder’s number you will be required to produce an unexpired written statement (Tax Certificate) from the Liberty County Tax Assessor-Collector that there are no delinquent ad valorem taxes owed to the county, school districts or municipalities in Liberty County, Texas.  The Tax Assessor will send the request to all taxing entities for verification. All requests for a Tax Certificate must be submitted to the Liberty County Tax Assessor-Collector two weeks prior for issuance.


Attorneys and Court Clerks:

Q.     What is the cost of serving documents?
A.     Depending on what type of document it is to be served:  See Fee Schedule
Q.     Is the service address in your county?
A.     For the answer, a mapping search engine is used; i.e. BING, FireFox, or Google. Most of the time we can confirm whether the address provided is in the boundaries of Liberty County, Texas or not.


Q.     Am I in trouble? Will I be arrested?
A.     Generally speaking, when Civil Documents are to be served to you, you will not be arrested, nor are you in trouble with the Law; however, someone (the Plaintiff/Petitioner) has an issue with you and the documents served to you will advise you of what that issue is. Therefore; if you are made aware that the Civil Office has documents for you, it is important for you to receive those documents so you will know who is suing you and why. Receiving the Court Documents will, also, allow you to possible get the matter resolved before it evolves into losing your property.
Q.     Why are you taking my property from me?
A.     There are particular court documents that authorize the Civil Officer to take possession or seize your property; i.e. house, vehicle, equipment, etc. This is generally because the individual has defaulted on payments, or a court judgment has awarded the property to another party such as in a Divorce matter.


The Civil Division employees are not attorneys; therefore, no legal advise can be given and no specific attorney can be referred to you. It is up to you to decide if an attorney is needed for your situation. 




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