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  • Class Attendance: No absences will be permitted unless excused by the Training Coordinator, or designee. Tardiness will not be permitted. Supervisors will be notified when students do not report to class. Every student will sign roster and present departmental ID’s and PID #’s (for commissioned personnel).

  • Rank Designation: Personnel attending training class are students. Rank designation plays no part while the student is attending training classes. The Instructor(s) and Training Division personnel are in charge and responsible for the classroom and all that it encompasses while training is in session.

  • Weapons: Peace Officers in Departmental Uniform shall carry their weapons in compliance with Departmental Policy. Peace Officers in civilian attire will carry their weapon in accordance with Departmental Policy. For civilian personnel with a valid Concealed Handgun License issued by the State of Texas, will not be allowed to have their weapon on their person while in the class room, unless authorized by the Training Coordinator.

  • Dress: Dress for a professional training environment. Departmental uniform or appropriate civilian attire only will be worn. No shorts, t-shirts, flip­ flop style shoes, overalls, hats or tank tops will be permitted unless otherwise instructed by Training personnel. For tactical, physical training, or qualifications appropriate dress will be expected. (Ex: blue jeans/tactical pants/gear, t-shirts, sneakers)

  • Academics: All examinations become the property of the Training Division. No grades are published. The class Instructor will advise each class of the grading criteria used in that particular class. All examinations require a 70% to pass course.

  • Conduct: Professional demeanor is respected and expected. The Instructor and Training Facility/Range personnel will not tolerate disruptive or disrespectful conduct from anyone.

  • Cell Phones: Cellular telephones shall be turned off or set on vibrate mode during classroom instruction. Except during an emergency, cell phone calls responses shall be made during breaks only. Text messaging is prohibited except during breaks.

  • Tobacco Use: We are a non­tobacco use facility. Tobacco use is prohibited in the Training Facility. No spit cups allowed. Use of tobacco products will permit immediate dismissal from class.

  • Alcoholic Beverages: Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited in and around the Training Facility/Range.

  • Participation: All students shall participate in all class activities and discussions.

  • Profanity: Students shall not use profane, vulgar or obscene language.

  • Orderliness: Students shall be responsible for maintaining a neat and orderly classroom, break area, range area or any areas where a student might be during their assigned training period with the Training Facility/Range.

  • Illness: Illness or injuries shall be reported immediately to the instructor.

  • Payment for class will be rendered by the end each class session.


Penalty: Violation of these rules can be cause for dismissal from the class the student is currently attending. The Instructor or Training Facility/Range Personnel shall make the final determination. The student’s immediate supervisor and the Training Coordinator will be notified of the reason for dismissal from the class.

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